Adrenal Stress Index w/ gliadin antibody

Adrenal Stress Index w/ gliadin antibody


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The Diagnos-Techs™ Adrenal Stress Index (ASI) is a non-invasive way to help evaluate the effects of stress on your body.

It includes 10 tests for six different hormones and immune markers that may be affected by chronic stress or other conditions.

The Adrenal Stress Index can:

• Help to identify possible causes of excessive fatigue
• Help your physician understand how to reduce your food cravings and build and maintain muscle mass
• Identify underlying reasons for chronic infections such as sinusitis or other recurrent respiratory infections
• Help your doctor to determine if a gluten-free diet may be right for you
• Identify possible reasons why you may have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep

Four saliva samples are used to assess the following:
Cortisol Helps evaluate the stress response
Insulin Helps investigate blood sugar control
DHEA/DHEA-S Helps determine degree to which other hormones may be affected by cortisol changes
Secretory IgA Helps evaluate the toll of stress on immunity
17-OH progesterone Helps determine underlying causes of abnormal cortisol levels
Gluten antibodies Helps identify immune response to gluten