Astragalus Complex - 40 Tablets

Standard Process

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Astragalus Complex: Sustaining Immune System Support

Astragalus Complex is a unique combination of Astragalus root, Eleuthero root and Echinacea root. Extracts of herbs may be ‘standardized’ – this means they must contain a certain amount of important constituents. Top quality Eleuthero extracts are standardized for syringaresinol diglucosides content.

What Makes Astragalus Complex Unique Astragalus Complex is unique in the professional herbal products industry because:

  • The label states exactly how much each tablet contains of the important plant constituents (syringaresinol diglucosides)
  • MediHerb has worked with Echinacea growers to help produce superior quality plants (to ensure high levels of the tingling plant constituents)
  • MediHerb helped develop some of the chemical analyses used to regularly test the quantity of alkylamides in Echinacea raw materials
  • MediHerb tests the quantity of syringaresinol diglucosides in Eleuthero raw material
  • MediHerb’s testing also ensures the syringaresinol diglucosides are retained in the product throughout manufacture
  • MediHerb tests the level of pesticides in Echinacea raw material
  • MediHerb supports ongoing research and is involved in clinical trials to investigate the effect of Echinacea on the body*