FemmenessencePro-PERI (peri-menopausal) - 180 Caps

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FemmenessencePRO PERI contains MacaLife a certified organic maca (Lepidium peruvianum)with a proprietary combination of phenotypes specifically for peri menopausal symptoms and Maca-GO for women’s hormonal balance. Both MacaLife and Maca-GO are concentrated through a proprietary manufacturing process, which concentrates the full spectrum of active constituents in maca over ten times higher than what is found in normal raw maca, and maximizes the bioavailability increasing water solubility from 68% in raw maca to 99% in FemmenessencePRO PERI. Maca-GO® is clinically proven with five years of research, double-blind placebo crossover clinical trials and full pharmacology and toxicology.

FemmenessencePRO PERI is an adaptogenic product that supports normal hormonal balance for peri menopausal women.* FemmenessencePRO PERI does not introduce any hormones into the body, rather it works to support regulation of the entire hormone profile through the Hypothalamus Pituitary Adrenal Axis.*

Women’s General Health:
- Naturally supports normal hormone balance*
- Supports regular menstrual cycles*
- Supports adrenal hormones and energy levels*

Peri Menopausal Symptoms*
- Reduces hot flashes and night sweats*
- Reduces vaginal dryness*
- Supports libido and sexual health*
- Supports mood & improved outlook on life*
- 72-84% of women experienced reduction of symptoms in 2 days to 8 weeks

Heart, Bone and Mental Health*
- Supports healthy body weight*
- Supports healthy cholesterol & triglyceride levels within normal ranges*


Amount per serving:
... 5
Total Carbohydrate ... 1g
Potassium ... 15mg
Organic Maca-GO ... 1000mg
(Organic Maca Root)

OTHER INGREDIENTS: Plant derived cellulose (capsule).

CONTAINS NO chemicals, solvents, excipients, preservatives, artificial colours or flavors, sucrose, yeast, dairy products, wheat or corn starch or gluten

INTERACTIONS: There are currently no known adverse reactions when taken in conjunction with other medications. However, we advise FemmenessencePRO™ PERI should not be taken in conjunction with hormone suppressing medications such as Tamoxifen.

STORAGE: Store below 77ºF. Don’t freeze. Keep out of reach of children.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.