Vital-Zymes Chewable - 180 Tablets

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Vital-Zymes Chewable
-Chewable multi-enzyme formula.

Vital-Zymes Chewable offers a convenient choice when a chewable option of our
popular Vital-Zymes Complete enzyme formula is desired. Formulated using the
same enzymes contained in Vital-Zymes Complete with the exclusion of lysozyme,
Vital-Zymes Chewable is a good choice for administering enzymes to children or
adults who may prefer a chewable tablet. This broad-spectrum enzyme formulation
has moderate amounts of enzymes compared to Vital-Zymes Complete to allow it to
be comfortably chewed for routine daily use as needed. Vital-Zymes Chewable can
assist in the breakdown of a wide range of proteins, peptides, fats, complex
carbohydrates, sugars, and fibers. Serratia peptidase helps protect GI tissues
against inflammation. Enzymes with DPP-IV activity and a full range of
disaccharidases are included.

Servings Per Container: 90

As a dietary supplement chew 2 tablets at the beginning of each meal or as
directed by a healthcare practitioner.

Serving Size: 2 Tablets

Amount Per Serving
Comprehensive Enzyme Blend ... 320 mg
With the following minimum enzyme activity:†

Carbohydrate Specific Enzymes
Amylase ...732 BAU (32, 000 MWU)
Alpha-Amylase ...40 DU
Glucoamylase ... 12 AGU
(with isomaltase side chain activity)

Sugar Specific Enzymes
Lactase ... 600 ALU
Sucrase ...54 INVU(160 SU)
Maltase ... 80 DP (300 MWU) *
Pullulanase ... 10 PUN
(debranching enzyme with isomaltase side chain activity)

Vegetable/Plant Fiber Specific Enzymes
Cellulase ... 200 CU
Hemicellulase ... 80 HSU
(xylanase) and Pectinase Complex
Phytase ...4 FTU
Beta-Glucanase ... 8 BGU
Alpha-Galactosidase ... 16 GaIU (40 AGSU) *
Galactomannase ... 80 HCU

Protein and Peptide Specific Enzymes
Acid Protease ... 20 SAP
Alkaline Protease ... 20 PC (DAPU)
Protease/Peptidase Complex with endopeptidase, exopeptidase, and
DPP- IV activity ... 16, 000 HUT

Fat Specific Enzymes
Lipase ... 6, 000 LU

Other Enzymes
Serratia peptidase ... 1, 000 SPU

Other Ingredients: Xylitol, mannitol, stearic acid, silicon dioxide, and
natural cherry flavor.

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